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Seaside Trip


Next event - Saturday 22nd July 2017

Venue - TBC.


Seaside trip is the most popular yearly event in our community organised by NBC-UK. It includes a return ticket via coaches where we enjoy with dohori songs, antachheri, poems and jokes. A series of adult and children games and competitions are also organised at the seaside.

Teej Celebration


Next event - Sunday, 20th August 2017

Venue - TBC.


Teej is Nepalese equivalent of Women's Day and is widely celebrated with nepalese communities around the world. A mini Nepal can be seen in our event with unique Teej songs and dance along with a unique Teej dinner (Dar).

Nepalese New Year


Next event - Saturday, 15th April 2017

Harrow Football Club, Harow HA2 8SS.


We enjoy this event with music and dance and special Nepalese dinner. We also invite some popular singers and local dancers to make the event much more enjoyable. This is a perfect cultural night out for the whole family. Why not join us and celebrate New Year together in a style?

Blood donation program


Next event - Monday 20th March 2017

Greenford Assembly Hall, Greenford.


Once a year, Nepalese British Community UK (NBC-UK) takes part in NHS blood donation program requesting its members and their families for blood donation with a slogan of "Give Blood Save Life".


Regular Events

Nepalease British Community UK (NBC-UK) organises various cultural and social events in every seasons around the year. These events are very important for socialising in our communities and also help raising the funds so that we can carry out charity projects in Nepal and also here in the UK.

Dashain Celebration


Next event - Saturday, 23rd September 2017

Venue - TBC.


Another cultural gathering for Dashain. We enjoy with our cultural music, dance and lovely food. NBC-UK also encourage children for their future with a special tokens who passed their GCSE and A-Level this year.

Deusi Bhailo


Next event - 18-20th October 2017



A special songs and dance program visiting the guest's homes who invites us. This is a pure fundraising program in our own cultural way. A special musical team within NBC-UK leads the rest of the group to celebrate this event in traditional way.

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